Religious believers have to prove god's existence in order to keep the flock


Religious dominance has spent eternity trying to destroy any possible data that could disprove the existence of a supernatural deity, and that effort has led to the mass slaughter of many humans, and destruction of books. With the internet, the once underground and suppressed disbelievers have been able to present facts and logic that defeats the religious rhetoric and expose it as a lie.

The logic presented by the anti-theists has significantly reduced the mindless belief in religion and many more questions asked. Religious leaders are now under pressure to prove the existence of a god so they are using science which they previous denounced as 'evil', in order to attract intellectual youth.

This video shows how low the church is willing to go to make their rhetoric 'fact', which it can never be, because it's not logical.

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| April, 2nd, 2016
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