What defines female beauty? Is it the face, body, intellect, hair or all that?

When a man (or woman seeking woman) seeks a female for marriage, one nighter or even just a platonic friend, what determines the attraction? Many women will spend hours doing hair, makeup and nails, but the body is built on 20 cheese burgers a day! Are men then attracted to the long flowing hair, fake eyelashes and powdered face, and will overlook the 60lbs overweight?

Are you OK with a super fine chiseled body and a busted hair-do, un-polished nails and and tiny divots in the face? The men who must have absolute perfection must be wealthy because they will need to pay for that weekly overhaul.


Is the face before make up un attractive? That imperfect face will exist each time the make up is removed, so why bother?



Is she attractive because of the long fake hair. Does the fake attributes override the obese body?

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If she reveals her natural darker skin tone and facial imperfections, do you kick her to the curb?

girl with red lips


Every spot on this face is covered in makeup. Is this what men see as perfect?



The hair is a mess but the body is tight. Is she worthy of a night on the town with you?



Would she fail without the fake hair?








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| September, 29th, 2016

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