The great Divide Between Rich whites and Poor Blacks in still apartheid South Africa


The so-called abolition of apartheid, a blatant racial segregation by law, in South Africa 22 years ago, was merely a symbolic action. Absolutely NOTHING changed for Black people. The natives of the land still live in squalid poverty, and they are kept separate from white people who invaded their land, by massive walls, like the on Donald Trump dreams about a night.

There should never be a situation where a man in his own land, owns no property, and treated as a criminal for trying to achieve anything. The problem in South Africa is NOT white folks. They simply saw an opportunity to take land from a weak man, and they took it with much bloodshed on both sides. It now belongs them, and rightly so. The white man will die before handing over the country to the Black man. The Black man will beg and cry for the land, and he will never get it.

The Black man in south Africa remains poor and dependent, because he has accepted it as norm, and made himself comfortable with it. The only way the Black man can get control of the South African land, is to unite and fight, to the death. It's better that all Black people die fighting for their land, than live as third class trash HONORARY citizens of their original land. They are not even allowed to speak their original language.

Fight, for your right, to be free!


This is the average home of the majority of the Black majority in South Africa

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| June, 21st, 2016

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