The cop who abused black teen girls at McKinney Texas pool in July 2015 will not faced charges because the kids were "bad negroes" stated by the ,district attorney

The racist event that occurred in McKinney, Texas in July 2015, is just one of the clear signs that the white cops are certainly under command to abuse and even kill black people when possible.

The pool party where many black and white teens attended, based on a twitter invitation, was certainly worthy of disapproval because it was a private community and such parties were not allowed. However, the racist attitude of the white residents and the white racist police, made them focus ONLY on the black teens to beat and arrest them, while allowing the white kids to walk away. IT WAS CLEARLY RACIST MOTIVATED!

White people choose to ignore the blatant targeting of only the black teens, and try to focus only on the fact that they were at an unauthorized party.

The white racist cop who was at the forefront as the abuser, Eric Casebolt, has not been charged with any misconduct because the district attorney has stated that he acted appropriately as directed by the department's codes to takedown and arrest "bad negro teens".


eric casebolt racist cop texas

white racist trash

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| June, 24th, 2016

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