Ayesha Curry lost her mind and accused NBA of 'fixing' the game

Steph may need to get his man pants on and take some control of his wife's yapping. Her ghetto bitch face is starting to show and it doesn't fit well with the all righteous, prim and proper Curry family.

She has been accusing the big bad NBA of crimes since game 5, because she thinks her man Steph can never lose a game, so it must be 'fixed'. Is she just a dumbass? If GSW loses game 7, Steph is gonna get major backlash from fans, for not shutting up his dumb bitch.

Her accusatory tweet came Thursday night as the Warriors were trailing the Cleveland Cavaliers by double digits in the fourth quarter, minutes after Curry fouled out of the game.

ayesha curry tweet

ayesha curry crazy tweet

The Cavaliers won game 6 with a 115 – 101 win to force a Game 7 at Oracle Arena on Sunday.

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| June, 17th, 2016

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