The situation is really bad when African American citizens now pull gun on cops to stay alive. This video has been trending but not yet confirmed to be true. It shows a black male stopped on the road by a cop, and after asking the cop multiple times for the reason he was stopped, and not getting an answer, the driver pulled a gun and pointed at the police and demanded an answer.

"Stand your ass in front of my car, that's the only way I'm gonna feel safe. You put yo mother fucking hands up"

he said to the cop.

"Don't reach for no gun, don't do shit! Now tell me why you pulled me over! I ain't gonna shoot you, I just want you to tell me why you pulled me over"

Why does any one in America think that mass killings will stimulate gun regulations. History indicates that sales of weapons and ammunition in America increases exponentially after mass tragedies because the extreme right wing uses the slaughter as a means of selling fear and rhetoric of government gun seizure. Gun lobbyists subliminally tell gun lovers to go stock up on guns and ammo to defend themselves against a 'tyrannical' government. It's all and has always been about greed of the gun manufacturers.

Why would school security staff need high powered military rifles? It's not like they are being attacked by armies! Even if the lone gunman has military rifles, a skilled security member with a hand gun should be able to take him down.

This seems like another act of the greedy corporate gun manufacturers to sell more guns. That greed is why they refuse to accept the law to require background checks for gun sales in any format.

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