Obey the cops command and you won't get shot is a load of bullshit: Call it the correct term: Bigotry


Charles Kinsey is a behavioral therapist at a home for autistic people in Miami, and when one of his patients ran off, Kinsey chased him and a fucking racist called the cops to report a man under attack by a black man. Of course the white racist police respond with aggression.

They shouted aggressive commands at Charles Kinsey and he obeyed them all. He laid on the ground with his arms held high. The autistic man never sat down, and in his had was a toy truck, which the racist cops claimed they though was a gun, however they never shot him, he was near white hispanic. They shot the Black man who was totally surrendered.

Kinsey asked the cop why he shot him, the cop said "I don't know". FUCK THE GODDAMN WHITE RACIST COPS!! To argue that this incident is anything but blatant hate crime, makes one an equal fucking bigot!

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| July, 21st, 2016

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