Beware of the IRS scam from Phone Number 425-223-4885 that threatens you with jail time


If you are getting phone calls that threaten you with arrest for tax evasion, it's a scam. Don't be scared and don't send any money. Over 70 gullible people sent money via Western Union. Be sensible people, the government is not going to ask for payment via money transfer.

An Indian national busted by a Leonia detective in a $170,000 IRS phone scam that claimed 70 victims in 32 states was sentenced Friday to time served in exchange for a guilty plea and a promise to cooperate with prosecutors.

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The recorded message is left by automated dialers set up by scammers in India & other foreign locations. The computers are programmed to call thousands of numbers everyday, to leave these threatening messages.

When you call back, you will encounter one of those Indian or other foreign scumbags who speak poor English! Recent immigrants and seniors are their primary target.

These are quotes of the messages of the many variations

“This is officer Eric Foster. You must return this call immediately. If you do not return this call or I do not hear from you or your attorney, the following will be entirely on you. Again this is officer Eric Foster.  You should return this call to 425-223-4885. I am an officer of the internal revenue service.”


"This is Julie Smith from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 415-506-1286. The matter is time sensitive.  I repeat it's 415-506-1286. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care."

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| September, 26th, 2016
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