A black male living in a white dominated society must adhere to white social rules to survive

In May 2015, 61 year old Edgar Horn, a white male tried to car jack Hashim Fannin. Unfortunately for Horn, he brought a knife to a gun fight. What makes this situation end without the cops killing or abusing Hashim Fannin, the black male with a gun, was his 'clean and pure' attire. No dreadlocks, no sagging pants and neatly tucked shirt.

Unfortunately the clean look is what the society accepts as 'good character', when one is African American. A white male dressed in 'thug' wear, like Justin Beiber does, would be treated in the same way as this 'clean' dressed black male was treated by the cops. That is certainly unfair, but it is our reality and we must conform for survival.

Do you think it ended well for the black man:

  1. Because he was dressed clean and referred to cops as sir?
  2. Because there were black cops present?
  3. Because the cops were correctly trained?
  4. Because a white person was recording the video?
  5. All the above
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| July, 11th, 2016

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