One would think condoms were a requirement in porn forever. Now it is the law Published February 20, 2016

Porn performers across the state would be required to wear condoms during sex scenes under an initiative that has qualified for the November 2016 ballot. It’s similar to requirements already in place in Los Angeles County. The California Secretary of…

Nowthis: Cops are training eagles to snatch drones from the sky. Just incase they are devious Published February 3, 2016

This is being done in the Netherlands with the goal of capturing tiny drones perfoming surveillance for devious reason. There must be some secret sauce that will be applied to friendly drones so the birds will not attack. Otherwise it…

When you see the camera in the street, ask for ID, it may just be a trick like this Published February 2, 2016

Jimmy Kimmel's fake street media crew called 'Lie Witness News', hit the streets of Hollywood, California and asked people about their vote in the Iowa Caucus. To vote in Iowa, you must be in Iowa, and these idiots lied and…

Can you say super flaming? Davey Wavey and Colby Melvin offer a gay guys guide to taking up the bum Published February 2, 2016

Most people would think that all gay men take the shaft in the ass but apparently in some arrangements, one is always the giver and one the taker (bottom). Kinda like straight men with women. Deputy Gay Voices Editor of…

Cheating the movie moguls: Just because I can Published February 2, 2016

Just for fun, two guys stole their way into a movie theater by disguising as a super fat dude. Makes you wonder if all those obese guys are really just carrying someone under their shirt.

Straight from the JewTube: Wedding video - Bas Kol - בס-קול חיים שלמה מאיעס Published February 2, 2016

A Jew jam that is quite catchy. The jam is good but those boys seem to be dancing to a whole different beeat. The website called JewTube.com has survived the Google challenges and grown.

The 'anti rape' device: A good weapon or potential danger for women? Published January 29, 2016

This device called Rape-aXe, invented by Dr Sonnet Ehlers in South Africa, may have some good intentions, but it could also be a major detriment to the woman. [adinsert1/] It is designed like the female condom but has razor edges…

Tila Tequila is a fine gal but the cult has got her going crazy! Her Twitter rampage about flat earth is unending Published January 26, 2016

That sexy Asian gal Tila Tequila AKA Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen has caused near internet shut down a few times in her internet ho' career, but as she ages and the body competition has her out played, she has turned…

The Cute Indian Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon from Grenada lost her mind in Miami and kicked a dude's ass Published January 22, 2016

See video and photos below. This is what happens when kids grow up privileged and spoiled and made to believe that there are never consequences for their dumb actions. When those stupid kids are adults and are in public without…

Can your ride do this? Watch this Lambo drive through water that covers it. Published January 8, 2016

The California flood rains have posed a challenge for many vehicles, but apparently Lamborghinis are water tight.
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