Donald Trump's racist rants, lies and rhetoric has embolden the klu klux clan and similar white supremacists so much that this dumb white trash today appeared at a Black Live Matter peaceful protest to let his hate out. Due to the rampant police bias against Black people, the protestors hold their rage and did not touch this dumbass. The cops must be afraid that Black youth are a viable threat to overthrow white ruling class of the future, so they are under command to kill, imprison or scare them into hiding.

East Tennessee University student Tristan Rettke was arrested after he showed up to a student organized Black Lives Matter protest on campus wearing a gorilla mask. He taunted the Black Lives Matters protesters, walking around with a burlap sack emblazoned with the Confederate flag and a marijuana leaf, offering protesters bananas from the sack.

Stunned protesters did not take the bait. One video was widely shared on Twitter. The student who took the video discussed how the racist display made him feel as he fought back the urge to strike the man.

According to the police report, Rettke said the stunt was an attempt to provoke the protesters. Rettke did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment Thursday.




Of course with his upperclass white male privilege, supported by white supremacist cops, he is merely led away peacefully and later claimed to have been arrested.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016 09:50

What exactly is racism?

Racism is not about being called kaffir, nigger or monkey. It is not about bananas being thrown at you at a soccer match or being taunted with monkey sounds.

Racism is not about a white old lady meeting you in a confined space and then she instinctively grabs on to her handbag.Or when you pass by her car at a traffic light then she nervously checks if the doors are locked. It is not even about the number of Black nominees at the Grammy Awards.

What Racism Is

Racism is when whites come into your country (uninvited), forcefully strip you of all aspects of your identity, enslave you on various plantations around the world, and force you to work for them and their children, for nothing.

Racism is when whites take over your country, its economic wealth, kill you if you resist and impose their entire alien way of life on you and your people, through military and other difficult to detect forms of violence.

Racism is when, after doing all of this to you and your people, whites still have the nerve to blame you for your state of powerlessness and attribute this to your genetic intellectual inferiority, laziness, inherent criminality and lack of entrepreneurial spirit.

Racism is when whites determine (without your permission), not just just where you will be born, where you will live, whether or not you will receive an education or job, who among you will go to jail and which of you will be co-opted by the system, but also what language you will speak or which religion or god you will bow to.

Racism is when you live in a socio-econo-political system wherein you must constantly stress about whether articulating the pain of your condition might not get in you in trouble, offend others or constantly having to account for or explain your every thought and action, to the very people who believe you have the intellect of a monkey.

Racism is about whether you will live as a slave or free person. It is when the very people (white people) who have invented racism do not just arrogantly tell you (the victim) what racism is, but also arrogantly prescribe to you how you must react to it.

All said, racism is being Jewish

The Jews have long been proponents of segregation, claiming that they were 'chosen' by a supreme god and therefore they must never mingle with any other, known as 'gentiles'. That concept worked so well that it became the guide for human separation and control now used by all cultures.

21-year-old Tawon Boyd died in a hospital near Baltimore on Wednesday, September 21, after an altercation with county police officers who repeatedly punched him as they responded to a call for an ambulance. It all began early Sunday morning of last week, when Boyd apparently called 911 requesting an ambulance because he was feeling disoriented, reports the Guardian. The operator even heard Boyd’s girlfriend say in the background that he needed medical attention,notes the Associated Press. “They really were supposed to be there to get him to the nearest health care facility,” the lawyer for Boyd’s family, Latoya Francis-Williams, said.

When police arrived, Boyd told them his girlfriend “got him intoxicated and is secretly recording him while someone else is in the home.” In their report, police described Boyd as “confused and paranoid.” Boyd apparently then got a bit aggressive, tried to enter two police cars and even knocked on the door of a neigbhor’s house asking for someone to call the police. He refused to obey orders and began to kick officers. The police report acknowledges that an officer punched Boyd twice in the face.

tawon boyd

“They kept on grabbing on him and holding him down, and he started screaming, ‘Grandma, Grandma, they’re going to kill me,’ ” Linda Burch, Boyd’s grandmother, said. “I kept telling them stop before they hurt him because I told them they could kill him like that,” she added. Police told the grandmother to go across the street or they would arrest her.

Boyd was finally taken to the hospital but died on Wednesday. “Mr. Boyd was in need of medical attention, and the police responded with violence,” said Francis-Williams. “The police beat him into intensive care, and now he’s no longer with us.”

The state medical examiner is set to conduct an autopsy to try to get some answers about what happened.

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Charles Kinsey is a behavioral therapist at a home for autistic people in Miami, and when one of his patients ran off, Kinsey chased him and a fucking racist called the cops to report a man under attack by a black man. Of course the white racist police respond with aggression.

They shouted aggressive commands at Charles Kinsey and he obeyed them all. He laid on the ground with his arms held high. The autistic man never sat down, and in his had was a toy truck, which the racist cops claimed they though was a gun, however they never shot him, he was near white hispanic. They shot the Black man who was totally surrendered.

Kinsey asked the cop why he shot him, the cop said "I don't know". FUCK THE GODDAMN WHITE RACIST COPS!! To argue that this incident is anything but blatant hate crime, makes one an equal fucking bigot!

London based plastic surgeon to the celebs, Dr Julian De Silva, who has 'pioneered' the beauty scoring technology based on his bias for white women, analyzed the faces women and released his 'for-white-people-only' report. He claimed to used the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty, Phi, which for thousands of years was thought to hold the secret formula of perfection.

With a publication as biased as this, you'd think all non-white celebrities would avoid this doc for face fixes, but on the contrary. They consider it a verification of his abilities to identify perfection and make them perfect (sorry Li'l Kim your doc fucked you up).

amber-heardAmber Heard scored 91.85% and considered the most beautiful face in the entire world kim-kardashianKim Kardashian came 2nd with a score of 91.39%. Must be her internet popularity kate-mossKate Moss placed 3rd with score 91.6%. Well she is a bit worn out now emily-ratajakowskiEmily Ratajakowski ranked 90.8% yet listed as 4th most beautiful. Must be because she is not blonde. kendall-jennerKendall Jenner got 90.18% and ran 5th

Other results from the racially biased report

Most beautiful nose

  1. Amber Heard 99.7%
  2. Marilyn Monroe 99.6% (note that this bitch has been dead over 50 years. Don't see how she counts)
  3. Emily Ratajkowski 99.56%

Most beautiful eyes

  1. Scarlett Johansson 95.95%
  2. Rihanna 95.85% (Oh look an Afro mix made it into the ranks)
  3. Marilyn Monroe 95.8%

Most beautiful lips

  1. Emily Ratajkowski 96.7%
  2. Marily Monroe 95.7% (again with this old dead 'ho and yes, she was a high class 'ho)
  3. Kylie Jenner 95.02%

Most beautiful eyebrows

  1. Kim Kardashian 94.85%
  2. Selena Gomez 94.6%
  3. Amber Heard 89.8%

Most beautiful chin

  1. Amber Heard 99.6%
  2. Scarlett Johansson 99.4%
  3. Angelina Jolie 98.1%
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To white folks, all black people look the same, so fuck em.

24-year-old Patrick Mumford was sitting in his car in February, 2016 when he was confronted by three Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Officers, who were serving a warrant for another man, Michael Clay.

The lead officer confronts Patrick but does not believe Patrick when he truthfully identifies himself to the officer, twice. Patrick rightfully asks the officers what is the matter and to see the arrest warrant they say they are serving.

Fearful and confused, Patrick retreats into the passenger seat of his car. Within 38 seconds of his initial introduction to the officers, the lead officer is ordering Patrick to be tased for non-compliance.

It takes a violent use of force for officers to realize what we already know: they have the wrong guy.Rather than apologize, the officers rationalize and justify their actions to horrified neighbors and even Patrick's parents. These rationalizations include the repeated false statement that the officers asked Patrick for his ID.

Patrick is arrested for obstruction. As a non-violent drug offender serving in a first-offender probation program, a pending probation violation could cost him his job, his college education, and seven years in prison: all for sitting in his own car, minding his own business, and telling the truth.

During the racial riots in Baton Rouge, LA, Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson was unlawfully arrested to remove him from the masses because his presence fueled the persistence. It's the old battle rule of killing the leader to demoralize the fighters.

A black cop was commanded by his white bosses to participate in the arrest. Of course if he disobeyed, he would have been fired, so he will always turn on his black brother to remain in the favor of his white master. This was the method used to keep African slaves in check for 400 years.

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In May 2015, 61 year old Edgar Horn, a white male tried to car jack Hashim Fannin. Unfortunately for Horn, he brought a knife to a gun fight. What makes this situation end without the cops killing or abusing Hashim Fannin, the black male with a gun, was his 'clean and pure' attire. No dreadlocks, no sagging pants and neatly tucked shirt.

Unfortunately the clean look is what the society accepts as 'good character', when one is African American. A white male dressed in 'thug' wear, like Justin Beiber does, would be treated in the same way as this 'clean' dressed black male was treated by the cops. That is certainly unfair, but it is our reality and we must conform for survival.

Do you think it ended well for the black man:

  1. Because he was dressed clean and referred to cops as sir?
  2. Because there were black cops present?
  3. Because the cops were correctly trained?
  4. Because a white person was recording the video?
  5. All the above

In 2015 Latausha Nedd, alias “Eye Empress Sekhmet" declared a threat to start killing white people, and she was immediately arrested. The white nationalists aka KKK, white supremacist, issue the exact message to blacks, latinas and muslims, but they are never arrested because they are protected by 'free speech'. What the fuck is the difference? Being black!

huntingnegroeschicagocops2015 white cops in Chicago show what they think of Black people when they made a man wear an antler and posed as a dead deer. They have been fired

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