That sexy Asian gal Tila Tequila AKA Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen has caused near internet shut down a few times in her internet ho' career, but as she ages and the body competition has her out played, she has turned to crazy cult ramblings to boost her faded D-level celeb status.


She has gotten into the 'flat earth' religion and is committed to the rhetoric. She has spewed some wild nonsense at her AngelTilaLove Twitter page with statements like "if the Earth was round, how can planes land without crashing?" Wow! Now in her new ridicu-tweets, she has declared herself the guardian of Earth.

tila tequila quote

She even believes she has super powers and can kill people from afar

and even end the planet, aww she's so much fun to play with :)

all that matters is that she is keeping her name in the media, albeit the crazy talk media like Fox and Alex Jones. See she's getting alot of reporting and Tweet embeds at many top websites, so her scheme is working.

She has declared her support for Donald Trump because she thinks he will relaunch what she thought was a career, so she is tweeting the most ridiculous statements with the hope that Trump will take notice and call her.

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