When twins wed twins, everyone wins Published September 25, 2016

Twins getting married to twins? Does this sound weird to you? Well, it's not weird at all. Actually there are many twins that are married to other twins. Here are 23 of these lucky people! What is more interesting here…

Yet another beauty research declares that white women are the perfection of beauty Published July 16, 2016

London based plastic surgeon to the celebs, Dr Julian De Silva, who has 'pioneered' the beauty scoring technology based on his bias for white women, analyzed the faces women and released his 'for-white-people-only' report. He claimed to used the Greek…

Something to make you say What Tha Fuck! Published July 2, 2016

[adinsert1/] How does a square reflect in the mirror as a circle? There is a simple explanation, but it's the original thought to do it that makes this remarkable. Now, how do we make this useful and productive?

A rider makes a stupid decision and ends up wounded Published July 2, 2016

Some people go into panic mode when faced with critical decisions and this guy does the wrong thing on the road. He should quick motorcycles.

These fools just don't give a dman about their appearance in public, and it's just nasty Published June 25, 2016

[adinsert1/] Really!? There are those fools in the society that just don't give a fuck because they are either high on drugs, drunk or simply country ass ignorant to realize they look disgusting and probably stink. And Walmart is their…

What was she thinking? The way she used this dog is just shocking Published June 18, 2016

[adinsert1/] When in a fight, you will grasp at any object to knock out the offender, but to use the dog... that is just too much.

Shit when totally wrong when she tried to drive without mommy around Published June 15, 2016

Sometimes stupid just controls your mind

How to deal with people who takes 2 parking spaces Published June 15, 2016

Some assholes think their car is all the shit and they must double park to block from parking near them. This is how you handle those dip shits.

This is what can go wrong when you try to ride through the president's motorcade Published June 10, 2016

This dude must be a tourist who does not speak English, or just wanted to be a rebel. He tried to ride through a motorcade for president Obama, and suffered a beat down from the cops. It happened in New…
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