The Cavs have made the needed comeback that may just give them the championship. They won game 3 by 30 points, 120 to 90. Hopefully they maintain this high level performance for the rest of the series and at least make it to game 7.

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She has the power to knock out any man and the ass to make him say sorry for the reason he gave her to knock him out! Although she has not been able to hold it together with her own beaus, she has learned certain methods of man retention, and have provided the advice in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Women submitted their questions and Rena was ready with a response:

Dear Serena – I love my boyfriend, but the man can’t dress. How do I help him without hurting his feelings?
 —Shopping for a Cause.

Williams – Show him 
images from magazines and Pinterest that you think would look nice on him, but more important, make sure that you like who he is as a person. I like a man who has a unique style. I’d hate for him to fit into a mold or to blend in with the other guys.”

Dear Serena – I’ve always thought that ‘Netflix and chill’ really meant watching Netflix and chilling. Am I naive?

Williams – I have to tell you, I thought the same exact thing. When I say ‘Netflix and chill,’ that’s what?” quipped Williams. “I guess you and I are just old-fashioned — if you can call Netflix old-fashioned!

Dear Serena – Sometimes when I begin dating a new guy, I start doubt
ing myself and feel my initial confidence 
 (which helped snag him in the first place!) slip 
away. How do I keep up my self- esteem? —Doubtful Debbie

Williams – First you need to identify where the self-doubt is coming from. I think that goes back to always being yourself from the beginning. Be confident of your inner strength and beauty, and that will be reflected on the outside. My mom always taught my sisters and me to be ourselves and to stay true to who we are.

Though Serena never tied the perma-knot with her past paramours, she does know exactly what she wants in the man and will continue to pursue. Maybe this is year end of her super dominant and hall of fame Tennis career and she will purpose her efforts to establishing a family.


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