The Hebrew rule is the trim the dick early, but other cultures says hell no. What is the correct thing to do, and what do women prefer? Some research has shown that circumcised men tend to have longer sexual stamina…
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Some photos are never planned to deliver the message that they end up being famous for, and these just fall into that category that stirs the sexual thoughts, even if you weren't thinking it.
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Porn is still the king of revenue as it continues to rake in multiple billions annually. For this reason, entrepreneurs throw money at the business, and that money attracts performers, women primarily. Many young girls who grow up in poor…
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 05:26

The Playboy Babe Review

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Most people would think that all gay men take the shaft in the ass but apparently in some arrangements, one is always the giver and one the taker (bottom). Kinda like straight men with women. Deputy Gay Voices Editor of…
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Wednesday, 20 January 2016 06:37

The sexy body of Stacey Dash all nude

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