The Hebrew rule is the trim the dick early, but other cultures says hell no. What is the correct thing to do, and what do women prefer?

Some research has shown that circumcised men tend to have longer sexual stamina because the years of no protective skin around the dick head, allows the nerves head to develop greater resistance touch and requires longer stroke time before releasing ejaculation. In essence, being cut has the same result as using a numbing agent like Stud 100, The Black Stone, China Brush or similar.

china brushChina Brush delay ointment

stud 100Stud 100 delay spray

blackstonexBlack Stone potent male delay rub

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Some photos are never planned to deliver the message that they end up being famous for, and these just fall into that category that stirs the sexual thoughts, even if you weren't thinking it.


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Porn is still the king of revenue as it continues to rake in multiple billions annually. For this reason, entrepreneurs throw money at the business, and that money attracts performers, women primarily.


Many young girls who grow up in poor households or were exposed to sex very early, either by adult abuse or curiosity, tend to turn to porn, regardless of their education level. Those who deviate to extreme violent sexual performances, tend to be the ones who suffered sexual abuse, and just don't care, especially if the employer is offering money for the lewd performance.

Such may have been the case for 'Amber Rayne', born Meghan Wren, September 1984. She attended California State University to study theater arts, but as all the theater classes know, getting into the business professional is a dog fight, and many times the porn agent comes knocking, and needs forces a pretty young girl to accept. Accepting a job in porn is not abnormal, but choosing to do BDSM is!

A person, especially a young woman, does not willingly accept a wooden baseball bat shoved deep into her butt hole, while a woman shoves her entire arm up the vagina. The pain involved would require anesthesia to endure. She also had men and women beat her to the point of bleeding, while chained across a medieval torture table. These are the acts of someone who has a desire to die due to miserable mental torture.

It is unfortunate that no one saw the misery to help her, instead they all just used it to their benefit. Her BDSM character made her rape and abuse claims, filed against male porn star 'James Deen', seem comical, because she claimed it happened during a performance. How can a jury take that as evidence when her role in the films is one who enjoys receiving and delivering pain.

Tuesday, 02 February 2016 05:26

The Playboy Babe Review

Old Hef is still the man to pick the babes for his Playboy brand, and he still shows that he knows what men desire. And these fine women are our choice this month.

Josi Paula



Leola Bell



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Most people would think that all gay men take the shaft in the ass but apparently in some arrangements, one is always the giver and one the taker (bottom). Kinda like straight men with women.

Deputy Gay Voices Editor of Huffingtonpost, James Michael Nichols writes

For anyone who has never bottomed (aka been anally penetrated) before, the idea of trying out the sex act can be intimidating, to say the least. And even for those who've spent some time in the saddle, there's still a lot to know, a lot to remember and a lot of misleading information out there.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016 06:37

The sexy body of Stacey Dash all nude

Because there is cash flow in nudity, and not much in a movie called 'clueless'

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