Street jammer making shit happen with the steel drum Published September 27, 2016

The steel pan is a combination of African and Indian ingenuity, however the white man has claimed it as his invention, and renamed it as fucking 'handpan'.

The awsome pet moment: Go ahead and get your cute on Published July 5, 2016

These are Dingo pups born in the Australian Reptile Zoo, aka captivity, and they have stirred all kinds of cute comments. Go ahead and post your adorable message.

The American Dad cartoon tune into a Reggae skit Published June 21, 2016

[adinsert1/] American Dad is quite a funny cartoon that touches on some racy scenes at times, so much that some people, the squeamish, are offended and even start campaigns to block. No campaign has ever worked and the show continues…

Porn stars discus preference of circumcised or uncircumcised willys Published June 17, 2016

The Hebrew rule is the trim the dick early, but other cultures says hell no. What is the correct thing to do, and what do women prefer? Some research has shown that circumcised men tend to have longer sexual stamina…

Slamma Jamma from Lebramma - Lebron that is Published June 9, 2016

The Cavs have made the needed comeback that may just give them the championship. They won game 3 by 30 points, 120 to 90. Hopefully they maintain this high level performance for the rest of the series and at least…

Does this football throw look too good to be true? Published June 8, 2016

She doesn't have the correct form when throwing, yet the ball goes far and hits the target every time. Does it look fake to you?

The Youtube web series called Mayhem has released the trailer for season 2 Published May 22, 2016

Mayhem is a web series created by Andre 'Driz Iz Dre' Keys and based in Elizabeth New Jersey. The dramatic series has it all, from street life to household and neighbor hood drama, representing real life situations. In essence, art…
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