Chalk one for the animals: In Russia, a tiger that was given a live goat as dinner, befriended the goat and now they hang out


This animal relationship is seemingly unnatural since they goat should be scared and on the run, with an angry tiger hot on its tail, yet they peruse the forest together.

The Siberian tiger, named Amur, is at a wild life conservation called Primorsky Safari Park, near Vladivostok, Russia and is fed twice weekly in the natural way as in its nature: given live animals to chase and kill. The staff was simply flabbed when they released the goat, now named Timur, after the great Mongolian warrior Timur Lenk because it was fearless, and instead of running scared, the goat just stared down the tiger and grazed as if in its own space. What does this mean? Well, nothing supernatural, a park staff explained

“The tiger was confused and gave up. It happened once before, another goat pushed back and the tiger decided not to eat him, but once he showed weakness, that was it, his predator killed him. The situation now is different and the animals are great friends.”

Since the tiger has to eat as it has for the past year, by killing live goats provided by the park, it is now moved twice weekly to a different cage to eat goats, just so the friendly goat does not see its own kind beign devoured by its new buddy.

The Human Side

The story broke in November 2015 and people got involved in various ways. The most ridiculous however are the people who think the goat is a human child so they are petitioning for it to be removed from the cage because they are afraid the tiger will one day decide to eat it. Of course the park official are ignoring them. Scientists are studying the relationship with the hope to determine what exactly is happening as they figure it could lead to a means of humans communicating with animals. Maybe the goat's steady stare sent a message of dominance to the tiger, maybe the goat has tiger pheromones,  maybe the tiger detected a cancer in the goat and is avoiding it for its own survival.

Of course there is money to be made from this situation and no red blooded capitalist is going to miss the opportunity. The park has installed 16 cameras and turn this unlikely friendship into a reality show. This will also allow those concerned for Timur’s life see for themselves that his is not in any danger and that he actually enjoys living to a full-grown Siberian tiger.

All Gone Crazy

With all the publicity of this unnatural animal friendship, and all types of people weighing in, some people have likened it to gays and indicated that it shows how gays love for same gender is not learned but innate, and this has upset Russian officials. An investigation (of what?) in February 2016 has been launched to determine if the whole thing was setup by scientifically treating either the tiger or the goat to alter their natural behaviour.

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| February, 10th, 2016

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