Wednesday, 08 June 2016 06:10

Very rare photos of the Champ Mohammad Ali

[adinsert1/] A rare set of images of the late great boxing and humanitarian Champ that is Mohammad Ali. Fuck the racists
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The rideshare company called Lyft has a series of promotional videos with celebrities posing as drivers while wearing disguise. This one with Shaq by far the best.
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[adinsert1/]Man deese drugs can do some shit to the mind. It'll make you see shit that ain't there. Actor De’aundre Bonds has been posting videos in tears and rambling about how crazy the world is. He seems to be threatening…
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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 21:46

Celebrities who cut the fat

Obesity is generally created from childhood overeating habits, and though there may be peer teasing throughout high school, a fat child will always be comforted with food by the parents, and that just makes it worse. If a fat kid…
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On Sunday April 3, Azealia Banks tweeted that Sarah Palin should be gang-raped by the 'biggest burliest blackest' men, and needless to say, Palin did not like it so she promise to file suit against Banks. The legal threat has…
Marsha Gay Reynolds, 2008 Miss Jamaica contestant, has really put the screws on the family. The prosecutor argues that this was not her first drug smuggling, just the first time she has been caught. While that may be true, where…
When news broke that N.W.A. would be inducted into the next class at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the whole hip-hop world was elated. “This means that the group’s mark is solidified,” Ice Cube said during a new…
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Sports anchor for ESPN, Stuart Scott died from cancer disease in January 2015 and his daughters joined the fight to cure cancer (what a long shot). They have posted this video triggering water-shedding around the globe. [adinsert3/]
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Tuesday, 05 January 2016 07:56

amber rose's secret dating exposed

Amber Rose has been romantically linked to a number of men over the past year, but a new rumor has her linked to one of the biggest men in hop-hop today – Drake. The rumor all began this weekend when…
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Justin Bieber is taking the mantra "new year, new me" to the max! Today he debuted fresh cornrows on Instagram, crediting "friend" and model Hailey Baldwin in his caption, "Hailey made me get corn rows like an absolute douche bag,…
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