Celebrities who cut the fat

Obesity is generally created from childhood overeating habits, and though there may be peer teasing throughout high school, a fat child will always be comforted with food by the parents, and that just makes it worse.

If a fat kid makes stardom, many times it is because of that same fat, and primarily because they are ideal for a funny role. However, as they age, they realize that a fat body is not really desired among their celebrity peers, and then start the process of making a change. This list is shows some of the celebs who have acknowledged the social pressure and slimmed down.

al-rokerAl Roker figured the fat under his chin just was not fit for TV anymore and he needed to get past the position of anchor weather man

chazbonoActor Chaz Bono, son of Cher and Sonny Bono, fit into the roles that required a fat tough looking dude, but those roles are never forever so he cut the fat and now run around the stage like a kid with sugar energy.

chrisprattActor Chris Pratt buffed up to be among the power celebs and he looks great

christinaaguileraChristina Aguilera gained weight when she decided to live it up and let it go, but quickly realized that she had to lose the weight to keep up with the new young talent, so the fat fell off

drewcareyDrew Carey gained stardom becuase of his funny chubby appeal. Today he has aged and that funny fat is no longer generating chuckles, instead it stirs disgust. So he got busy and trimmed

horatiosanzComedian Horatio Sanz wore out his youthful funny fat and made the change to get gigs that suited the jock bod

jackosbourneJack Osbourne

jenniferhudsonJennifer Hudson live her childhood as multi burger eating queen, and after her victory on the voice, her agent made it clear that sexy sells so she had to get on the diet program to tour and get advertising pay checks

jerryferraraJerry Ferrara

jonhahillJonah Hill the teen Jew with the afro was perfect for all his teen roles as a fatty, but now that he has adult roles, he'd better look good or lose them. He chucked the fat and is a better man today.

jordinsparksJordin Sparks

joshpeckJosh Peck

khloekardashianKhloe Kardashian

kirstiealleyKirstie Alley

mariahcareyMariah Carey

mirandalambertMiranda Lambert

missyelliotMissy Elliot


pauladeanPaula Dean

perezhiltonPerez Hilton

peterjacksonPeter Jackson

randyjacksonRandy Jackson

ravensymoneRaven Symone

rickygervaisRicky Gervais

sethrogenSeth Rogen


starjonesStar Jones hated being fat but just could not control her fight with gluttony so she went under the knife to surgically remove the fat at tighten her stomach. Then she lied about it.

timbalandRapper Timbaland says he no longer want that 'biggie' styled body and got busy in the gym

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| May, 10th, 2016

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