Selfie craze gone wrong: Nurse busted for taking photos of male patients

26-year-old Kristen A. Johnson was charged with two counts of unlawful surveillance and one count of distribution of unlawful surveillance. This is in Syracuse, NY. The arrest made after 9 months of investigation as reports were made about her activity, which apparently was not done clandestinely. She photographed other nurses cleaning patients.

According to court documents, nurse Kristen used her iPhone to record another hospital staff member cleaning a patient's blood and then sent the video to her.

While her actions may have been inappropriate, no report indicates she was deriving any sexual or entertainment pleasure from the pictures. Her attorney could argue that she collected images for evidence or research, to improve her nursing skills. The fact that the other nurse was aware of the video recording, and received a copy, makes her culpable.

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| February, 1st, 2016

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