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Donald Trump's racist rants, lies and rhetoric has embolden the klu klux clan and similar white supremacists so much that this dumb white trash today appeared at a Black Live Matter peaceful protest to let his hate out. Due to the rampant police bias against Black people, the protestors hold their rage and did not touch this dumbass. The cops must be afraid that Black youth are a viable threat to overthrow white ruling class of the future, so they are under command to kill, imprison or scare them into hiding.

East Tennessee University student Tristan Rettke was arrested after he showed up to a student organized Black Lives Matter protest on campus wearing a gorilla mask. He taunted the Black Lives Matters protesters, walking around with a burlap sack emblazoned with the Confederate flag and a marijuana leaf, offering protesters bananas from the sack.

Stunned protesters did not take the bait. One video was widely shared on Twitter. The student who took the video discussed how the racist display made him feel as he fought back the urge to strike the man.

According to the police report, Rettke said the stunt was an attempt to provoke the protesters. Rettke did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment Thursday.




Of course with his upperclass white male privilege, supported by white supremacist cops, he is merely led away peacefully and later claimed to have been arrested.


When a man (or woman seeking woman) seeks a female for marriage, one nighter or even just a platonic friend, what determines the attraction? Many women will spend hours doing hair, makeup and nails, but the body is built on 20 cheese burgers a day! Are men then attracted to the long flowing hair, fake eyelashes and powdered face, and will overlook the 60lbs overweight?

Are you OK with a super fine chiseled body and a busted hair-do, un-polished nails and and tiny divots in the face? The men who must have absolute perfection must be wealthy because they will need to pay for that weekly overhaul.


Is the face before make up un attractive? That imperfect face will exist each time the make up is removed, so why bother?



Is she attractive because of the long fake hair. Does the fake attributes override the obese body?

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If she reveals her natural darker skin tone and facial imperfections, do you kick her to the curb?

girl with red lips


Every spot on this face is covered in makeup. Is this what men see as perfect?



The hair is a mess but the body is tight. Is she worthy of a night on the town with you?



Would she fail without the fake hair?








The steel pan is a combination of African and Indian ingenuity, however the white man has claimed it as his invention, and renamed it as fucking 'handpan'.

Dodge van racing has been on the rise in Japan, all because of single challenge among the pit crew. Someone just said "I bet my parts van can beat your parts van", and it was on.

japanese dodge ram vans racing

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 09:50

What exactly is racism?

Racism is not about being called kaffir, nigger or monkey. It is not about bananas being thrown at you at a soccer match or being taunted with monkey sounds.

Racism is not about a white old lady meeting you in a confined space and then she instinctively grabs on to her handbag.Or when you pass by her car at a traffic light then she nervously checks if the doors are locked. It is not even about the number of Black nominees at the Grammy Awards.

What Racism Is

Racism is when whites come into your country (uninvited), forcefully strip you of all aspects of your identity, enslave you on various plantations around the world, and force you to work for them and their children, for nothing.

Racism is when whites take over your country, its economic wealth, kill you if you resist and impose their entire alien way of life on you and your people, through military and other difficult to detect forms of violence.

Racism is when, after doing all of this to you and your people, whites still have the nerve to blame you for your state of powerlessness and attribute this to your genetic intellectual inferiority, laziness, inherent criminality and lack of entrepreneurial spirit.

Racism is when whites determine (without your permission), not just just where you will be born, where you will live, whether or not you will receive an education or job, who among you will go to jail and which of you will be co-opted by the system, but also what language you will speak or which religion or god you will bow to.

Racism is when you live in a socio-econo-political system wherein you must constantly stress about whether articulating the pain of your condition might not get in you in trouble, offend others or constantly having to account for or explain your every thought and action, to the very people who believe you have the intellect of a monkey.

Racism is about whether you will live as a slave or free person. It is when the very people (white people) who have invented racism do not just arrogantly tell you (the victim) what racism is, but also arrogantly prescribe to you how you must react to it.

All said, racism is being Jewish

If you are getting phone calls that threaten you with arrest for tax evasion, it's a scam. Don't be scared and don't send any money. Over 70 gullible people sent money via Western Union. Be sensible people, the government is not going to ask for payment via money transfer.

An Indian national busted by a Leonia detective in a $170,000 IRS phone scam that claimed 70 victims in 32 states was sentenced Friday to time served in exchange for a guilty plea and a promise to cooperate with prosecutors.

nikita patel eyzidq

The recorded message is left by automated dialers set up by scammers in India & other foreign locations. The computers are programmed to call thousands of numbers everyday, to leave these threatening messages.

When you call back, you will encounter one of those Indian or other foreign scumbags who speak poor English! Recent immigrants and seniors are their primary target.

These are quotes of the messages of the many variations

“This is officer Eric Foster. You must return this call immediately. If you do not return this call or I do not hear from you or your attorney, the following will be entirely on you. Again this is officer Eric Foster.  You should return this call to 425-223-4885. I am an officer of the internal revenue service.”


"This is Julie Smith from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 415-506-1286. The matter is time sensitive.  I repeat it's 415-506-1286. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care."

When the pets show disdain for the Trump, maybe there is really some bad omen with him.

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